Who We Are

Air travel has been declared to be safer than travelling by road by many studies over the past recent years.  We at Fly Ecxpress value your concern and would like to reassure you that travelling by air has become so commonplace today, that you need not be worried at all.

Before Travelling

After you have decided to go on your first plane ride, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Fly Ecxpress would like to remind you to keep your passport and documents on your person at all times to make it easy for you during your travel. While packing your luggage, make sure that you check the list of items that cannot be taken on a plane. This can help you avoid any sort of repacking at the airport or even worse, detention at the airport. With the growing crime rates at airports and in aeroplanes, it has become a security concern for all countries over the world to be very stringent with the rules regarding what can and cannot be taken on the flight.

During Travel

In recent time, new rules have been enforced about carrying liquids in your hand luggage. Make sure you follow the rule to avoid holding up the people behind you as you try to remove these items from your hand luggage. The experts at Fly Ecxpress recommend carrying your passport and other important documents in an easy to carry bag that is accessible at all times. This makes it easier for you to move through the different departments in the airport and an also help you in case you miss a flight or get stranded somewhere.

After Travel

Once you land at your destination, make sure that the immigration department places a seal in your passport. There have been many instances of people landing at a particular airport, but not being allowed at a later date since the seal is missing from their passports. So avoid all this hassle and quickly check whether the seal has been placed correctly or not. After immigration is complete, move onto the luggage belt and retrieve the luggage you had checked in. Fly Ecxpress can have personnel available to help you out in case you require assistance. All you need to do is log in and choose that particular service, after mentioning the date and airport.

Sending Kids Alone

Fly Ecxpress prides itself on the special care given to minors travelling alone. From the minute you hand them over tour staff, till the minute they reach their destination and are handed over to the designated person, your kids will be well looked after. Fly Ecxpress will look after their every requirement, and ensure they are safe at all times. So send them off for their holidays to their grandparents as you carry on with your work. You need not spend any time worrying at all.

Travelling With Young Kids

Travelling with young kids can be a lot of strain for parents. Fly Ecxpress tries to make this experience as comfortable as possible for you by providing you with front row seats that make it easier to access the washrooms. Baby bassinets are also available on all routes, to make sure that your baby is comfortable throughout the journey. In case you have special dietary requests, our staff is here to help you out. Fly Ecxpress also provide interesting in flight entertainment that can engage the kids while the parents take a nap.

Go ahead, plan a trip with your family and relax, fly Ecxpress is here to handle everything!