Who We Are

Air travel has made the world smaller.  Every day thousands of travelers board an airplane to reach their desired destination. We created flyecxpress.com to make air travel safer. We created flyecxpress.com to ensure aviation safety. We created flyecxpress.com to help travelers build the most secure and efficient mode of transportation. Everything we do and every step we take is driven towards a single goal – to make the aerospace a protected place. Safety is our passion, and we consistently strive to better the safety of flights all over the world.

The website is continually updated so that readers have access to topical and technical articles that talk about safety issues. Our articles cover not only key aviation factors but also tips, advice, and recommendations from fellow travelers. Our website aims to be to reader-friendly while touching upon every topic related to air travel like:

  • Safety Management Systems
  • Maintenance
  • Runway Safety
  • Human Factors
  • Airspace
  • Training
  • Aviation Medicine

These are just some of the issues we cover at flyecxpress.com to guarantee that air and space passengers arrive at their destinations in a safe and sound manner. While we cannot enforce regulations, we can work to help every person around the globe know the standards of safety.

This site was created not just for travelers but also the entire aviation community. To this end, we even cover topics like manufacturing, operating and maintaining aircraft. Our vision is to build a platform that offers credible and comprehensive safety information.