How To Handle Flight Emergencies Better

An Image of a charming and smiling airhostess.

With more and more people choosing to fly by air to reach their destination, it is not fair to scare them by highlighting the risks and dangers of taking a flight. Aviation industry has been following excellent rules of safety and it is not scary anymore to fly up in the sky and conquer your dreams of achieving the best. Easy To Follow Sensible Tips If you want to make your travel smooth, easy and memorable, always remember the simple tips that can help you act sensibly during an emergency…

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Flying with Kids

An image of kids playing in the tablet during their flight travel.

Planning it Right Travelling can be exhaustive and it is quite tough when you have kids along. It is a very tricky part of the travel. Right from packing stuffs to keeping them occupied in the airport and during the flight itself can be really exhaustive. The most common question in every parent’s mind is what to pack, how to pack and how many bags per kid. The mantra is to keep it is simple and minimalistic. When coming to packing for kids, less is always more. Kids and Toys…

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Knives and Flying, a mismatch made in heaven!

Image Showing the collection of knives.

Travel enthusiast world over often face this tight spot with the TSA agents when it comes to packing knives. There is always an element of doubt pertaining to this. Most of us are aware that there are a few items that are prohibited from checked luggage and carry on while you fly. If you try to sneak in, it mostly will be confiscated by the TSA agents at the check in points. Knives belong to the sharp object category and is not allowed in hand luggage or carry on. You…

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Clever packing, hustle-free check-in

Image Representing The Travelling Concept.

The Essentials of packing Travel can always be exhaustive, be it domestic or international. It starts right from home with packing. If you are a first time traveller via a flight, then you are sure to freak out while checking in. You may never know what might pop up at the very last minute and things can go hay wire. Even if your luggage may get checked in easily, it would mostly be the carry on that may give you the trouble. Carry on are additional hand luggage that you…

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