Flying with Kids

An image of kids playing in the tablet during their flight travel.

Planning it Right

Travelling can be exhaustive and it is quite tough when you have kids along. It is a very tricky part of the travel. Right from packing stuffs to keeping them occupied in the airport and during the flight itself can be really exhaustive. The most common question in every parent’s mind is what to pack, how to pack and how many bags per kid. The mantra is to keep it is simple and minimalistic. When coming to packing for kids, less is always more.

Kids and Toys

Pack just what is most needed. You can always stick to one toy per kid rule. Do not let them decide on which toy, because they might change the mind when you reach the airport. You might find it funny, but they will be weeping over the one toy that was left behind at home. Take the ones that occupy less space and do not look like a sharp object.

Kids mostly get amazed at what they see around and they get occupied with it most of the times. They are pretty much capable of playing with everything they find handy. This instils a lot of creativity and you will be amazed. So, best is to avoid taking any toys.

Baggage for Kids

Whether to have a separate carry on for kids is up to you. Plan it based on the age of kids. Elder kids will carry the baggage on their own. But the younger lot will have a tough time. Initially they will be excited. But, soon they will get bored and you might end up carrying the additional luggage. Choose a cool travel bag, either a back pack or a carry-on. Ride-on suitcases will be easier to carry around.

You might have infinite number of things to carry and this might end up with a lot of luggage. Always remember to keep it simple. While most of the clothing can get into the checked luggage, have just the essentials in the carry-on. See to that you pack clothes according to the climate of the destination country. Given below is the list of things that can go into a carry-on for kids.

  • One set of clothes to change if the dress gets soiled or dirty
  • One toy
  • Crayons, pen, pencil and paper or a boogie board
  • Activity book or a story book
  • The cuddly toy your child sleeps with
  • Lollipop, to keep their ears safe from pressure imbalance during the flight
  • Smart device like a digital tablet
  • Single player games for elder kids and UNO for the younger ones
  • Essential medications
  • Fruits and snacks
  • Warm socks
  • Wet wipes or tissue papers

Have a great and happy journey.

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