How To Handle Flight Emergencies Better

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With more and more people choosing to fly by air to reach their destination, it is not fair to scare them by highlighting the risks and dangers of taking a flight. Aviation industry has been following excellent rules of safety and it is not scary anymore to fly up in the sky and conquer your dreams of achieving the best.

Easy To Follow Sensible Tips

If you want to make your travel smooth, easy and memorable, always remember the simple tips that can help you act sensibly during an emergency landing.

Your dress: Take care to choose your dress to be flame retardant and protect your skin from flame or friction during an emergency. Wool or cotton will be the best choice. It is better for women to avoid wearing stockings and skirts. When it comes to foot wear, always choose tennis shoes for they can help you to act quickly during an evacuation.

Your run kit: Get ready with your run kit or your small wallet, which will hold your passport, list of medicines, cash, a list of contact numbers, that you should not miss during an emergency. You must wear your small wallet bag during your entire travel schedule and it must not invite the attention of any attendants on the flight.

The safety video: Never skip watching the safety video! Even if you are watching it for the hundredth time. One may feel bored to watch it again and again, but it will have all the important information you may need during an emergency.

Maintain Your Space

You may be traveling with your laptop with important information for your business trip. Always remember to maintain a backup for your files and records on a hard-drive.

You may prefer to listen to music using your own headphones. But it is always better to use the in-flight system. During emergencies, you immediately listen to the instructions given by the flight crew or captain and act accordingly. Relax and enjoy your flight travel.

Look around and get familiar with the place around you. Note where the exit door are placed and also note down the distance between your seat and the exit. It will help you to manage your move towards the exit door.

Flight attendants are your emergency service personnel who are trained to help you during an emergency. Listen and follow their instructions without fail.

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