Knives and Flying, a mismatch made in heaven!

Image Showing the collection of knives.

Travel enthusiast world over often face this tight spot with the TSA agents when it comes to packing knives. There is always an element of doubt pertaining to this. Most of us are aware that there are a few items that are prohibited from checked luggage and carry on while you fly. If you try to sneak in, it mostly will be confiscated by the TSA agents at the check in points. Knives belong to the sharp object category and is not allowed in hand luggage or carry on. You can pack them with other checked in luggage. Moreover, the knives should be safely packed. If not packed correctly, it could be confiscated by the TSA agents.

Types of Knives and their eligibility to travel

There are different types of knives and mostly all types of knives can be packed in your checked in luggage. But a few countries would have declared certain knives illegal. The airport staffs usually do not enforce state law. But, if you are found with an illegal knife during check in, there is a risk of getting detained. So, it is always safe to know what you can carry.

Knives not safe to pack:

  • Knives resembling a different object
  • Concealed knives
  • Flick knives
  • Bowie knives
  • Star knives
  • Butterfly knives
  • Push daggers

Knives safe to pack:

  • Blunt butter knives
  • Plastic knives
  • Pocket knives
  • Kitchen knives
  • Knives in a tool set

Doing a research to find the rules of your destination country before purchasing a knife is recommended. This can avoid a lot of trouble while you travel.

Packing Knives

The rule says that you need to sheath or securely wrap sharp objects to prevent damage to the baggage or injury to the screening inspectors. It is all the more necessary because knives have the tendency to be stolen. An important point to note is that, whatever type of knife it could be, do not have them in your carry-on luggage. Always check the destination country’s law regarding knives.

Declaring Knives

Most of us are aware that prohibited items like firearms and chemicals and more need to be declared at the airport security. Knives are classified as a sharp object and not a firearm. All caution you take for a sharp object need to done for a knife as well. But, it would do no harm declaring knives. You can always avoid a tiff with the screening agents just in case they want you to declare knives.

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