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The Essentials of packing

Travel can always be exhaustive, be it domestic or international. It starts right from home with packing. If you are a first time traveller via a flight, then you are sure to freak out while checking in. You may never know what might pop up at the very last minute and things can go hay wire. Even if your luggage may get checked in easily, it would mostly be the carry on that may give you the trouble. Carry on are additional hand luggage that you carry on board. Packing is an art by itself where you need to consider the regulations of the airlines and airport security along with your personal needs.

Interesting tips while you pack

Make sure to keep the following points in mind while you pack and check in.

  • Full size liquid/gel bottles of more than 100 millimetres should go into the checked in baggage. Example: Sunscreen, Shampoo bottles, etc.
  • Water bottles, soda can, coffee, tea should be bought after the check in is complete. Else you will be asked to throw it away while checking in.
  • Weapons of any size and shape should never be in your carry-on luggage. This includes nail clippers, razors, blades, knives, and scissors. Self-defence sprays and any other sharp objects are also prohibited.
  • Essential liquid and gels that can be in a carry on should be placed in one plastic bag. Keep this bag readily accessible.
  • Keep your laptop readily accessible as it will be screened in most airports around the world.
  • Check the weight of your carry-on bag along with other baggage before check in. Many airlines have restrictions in weight and size for carry-on as well.
  • Keep your personal items like travel documents, medicines, and gadgets with you in a hand bag or shoulder bag.
  • Have a luggage tag with your contacts on your carry-on as well. There are chances it could get mishandled while at checking gate.

Take note of these as well

There are a few exceptions and additions to rules and itsalways better to make sure to look into the security rules of the country you are travelling to or from. Medicines and food for infants are always exempted. Blades that are smaller than 4 inches can be carried, as per security rules of some countries. You will have to make payment for extra weight even for carry-on. Try sticking to the size limit of the luggage as much as possible to avoid any issues during check in.

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