The experience of flying

An Image of private jet flying above the clouds.

Why is flying the chosen mode for many?

Even as we debate about air travel safety, a million passengers worldwide are either flying to or landing at their destinations. Airports are being revamped and renovated.

The recently inaugurated Daxing International Airport in Beijing is gargantuan in proportions. Designed to handle a humongous inflow of both air traffic and passengers, the Daxing stands testimony to the fact that people prefer air travel.

Yes, the risks are many. But the preventive and safety measures are of impeccable standards. In fact, air travel is safer than your average journey on a car, bus or train.

Here’s why: Aviation rules of safety are hard and fast. There is no overlooking, overriding or ignoring them.

Safety is entrusted to a team of professionals who know their job well. You, as a passenger are not alone. There are the airport staff, flight crew, ground crew, technicians, engineers , ATC officers, weathermen, support staff, customs officials and pilots who put their lives on the line for your safety.

Rest Assured, You Are Safe

And if that list isn’t impressive enough, here’s more. Advanced aviation technology has boosted the safety standards. Even the average plane has built-in technology to monitor everything that takes place within the plane, outside it and everything around it. A mishap sends all this data into high scrutiny. Safety and prevention is constantly revised and updated.

If this assurance isn’t enough and you are wondering about if your aircraft will survive a thunderstorm- relax , it will. All critical flight systems –the hundreds of metres of wiring, the engines and are shielded and enclosed and grounded to the body of the aircraft.

All airline companies subject their aircraft to frequent audits. With detailed data available, audits are strict with rigid protocols. No excuses are entertained to overlook safety aspects.

A plane crash is a rarity. Although the rate of mortality is high, it is not every day that news of a plane crash makes it to the headlines. The chain of safety processes involved need only have one small mistake to make things go horribly wrong. Chances of a mistake like that happening is one in a million! So go ahead and enjoy that flight !

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