Aviation Safety Reporting Culture

Image Representing Safety Reporting Culture.

Maintaining healthy aviation safety management systems (SMS) depend on receiving reports about hazards. Unless the safety managers receive reports on hazards, they may not be able to tackle them proactively. Poor hazard reporting cultures push safety managers into tough situations. When the data collected is not accurate and twisted, it is basically useless for making decisions regarding aviation safety. How To Improve Aviation Safety Reporting Cultures Safety managers should periodically evaluate hazard reporting cultures and reassure hazard reporting systems are updated and used regularly. Safety managers must follow the strategies…

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Important Measures In Aviation Safety

An Image showing an aviation safety person starring a flight.

With globalisation more people are travelling across the world. Aviation industry has made it possible by connecting people from every nook and corner of the world. Though some of the recent air accidents may chill our nerves, still flying is considered as the quickest form of transport that assures 100% percent safety for both passengers and their goods. Practically, there is more chance of getting killed while walking down the pedestrian-cross or riding a bicycle in the safe zone. Fatality rate due to travel by rail was found to be…

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Airline Safety Measures

Image showing an air hostess guiding the flight passengers about safety measures.

At the airport A sensible flyer will diligently follow all the guidelines for his/her personal safety. That is one’s own responsibility. A slew of protective measures has to be taken once a passenger enters the airport to fly to his destination. These measures undergo constant revamping and are always up to the mark. There is no room for error. This protective blanket encompasses carefully curated processes that are designed to make flying a pleasant experience. ALL passengers are screened to ensure they are not hiding anything dangerous inside their clothing.…

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How safe are you up in the air?

Image of An aircraft wings above the clouds and earth.

Aviation Safety – A Priority Safety comes first. Everywhere. Every time. NOTHING can be compromised. If you see it on the lighter side- Hey! You Only Live Once! Within the comfort of the four walls of your house, you are quite safe. But the same can’t be said when you are travelling. Especially by air. Aviation safety takes precedence over everything when it comes to modes of travel. Both the frequent flyer and the fearful flyer alike will hope that all goes well. From the moment you board the plane…

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Risks and Restrictions Associated with Air Travel of Cancer Patients

Special care and arrangements for cancer patients in flight

Travelling is one of the most common things that are found in almost every person’s bucket list. Especially, people with specific diseases will want to squeeze on a good trip before a long period of treatment procedure starts. However, there are many things that you need to keep in mind before an air trip. Among the various types of medical conditions, this article will talk about the advice that every cancer patient needs to consider before a trip. The actual stage of the disease will determine whether you can go…

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Trending remodeling of Shipping containers for Aviation Industry

Top view of aircraft in a closed dock with lot of activity around.

Innovations in Aviation Industry – Container Modifications Big names in the aviation industry are all set to take innovations to a different level altogether. The concept of detachable cabins has been proposed by one of the leading aircraft manufacturers, and it is set to revolutionize air travel. If you gather information about Patents for Shipping Containers, then you will be able to find out how such drastic changes are going to take place. Click here to find out more on patenting shipping containers. Innovation and simplicity combined The methodology is…

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