Some Pointers On Safe Air Travel

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The Do’s

Here’s a comprehensive compilation of the important DO’S one must adhere to in order to make air travel a pleasant experience;

  • First rule of the thumb is to follow ALL rules that your travel guide puts forward. Carelessness, ignorance or simple stupidity cannot be rectified if a mid-air crisis because of you.
  • Your identity and documents that support it are absolutely crucial inside the airport and airplane. All papers must be readily available and in proper relevance and order.
  • Extra care must be given to children. It is wise to carry their necessary medication with prescriptions.
  • Packing is an art. So is knowing how to do it within the restrictions of baggage allowance.
  • It is prudent to take the things of utmost necessity in the hand baggage. That list includes medication, diapers and sanitary napkins, a change of clothes for children, water and snacks (if permitted), etc.
  • Wearing comfortable, loose clothing along with sensible footwear will be a blessing on long flights.
  • Early check-in at the airport gives one enough time to complete formalities in a relaxed manner.
  • Know your airport. Airports are humongous and can be confusing. Reaching out to uniformed officials for guidance is one wise way to get around without hassles.
  • The very fear of flying itself can make matters worse. Nothing will help if you are going to have an unnecessary panic attack.
  • Do whatever it is that is permitted, to kill time on the flight. Sleep, read, listen to music, have a conversation, take a stroll, or simply keep quiet.

The Don’t’s


  • The list of banned items on a plane is a long one. Never pack anything that isn’t permitted. It could lead to a lot of security hassles and land you in trouble.
  • Children and baggage should never be left unattended. Losing a child within the airport can become a nightmare. Unattended baggage attracts suspicion.
  • Do not try to act smart with airport officials. They are smarter.
  • Experimenting with a new or unsuitable cuisine before or during the flight isn’t advisable. Go with what is good for you and your gut and eat in moderation.
  • Leaving the restroom in a mess is totally unacceptable.
  • Don’t ever make the mistake of bringing false or forged documents to prove your identity.
  • Avoid talking and laughing loudly during the journey. Within the cramped space, respecting the privacy and space of your co-passengers is imperative.
  • Know thy neighbour- the person sitting next to you, especially if he/she is a total stranger. Not everyone is going to want to strike a conversation. So it is best not to coerce anyone into an unwanted banter.
  • Being impolite to flight attendants is an absolute no-no.

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