Being A Smart Traveller

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10 Tips To Enhance Your Safety

The emergency kit
An emergency or run kit can be a small bag, purse or pouch that can be strapped to the shoulder or waist. The kit must contain the following: An identity card, credit or cash cards, emergency phone numbers, addresses, medication, a mobile phone and energy bars.

When a critical situation demands quick evacuation, one can leave all other belongings and take this kit with them.

Your baggage is your own
Entrusting your bags with a total stranger will be a huge blunder. And vice versa. We’ve all heard of incidents where drugs or weapons end up in an innocent passenger’s baggage, thus incarcerating them for life. Unless there are family and friends with you, your baggage is your responsibility at all times.

Pay attention to pre- flight instructions
Like it or not, listening to the flight attendant’s instructions before take- off might be a life saver. Why? The briefing may vary from one airline to another. Exit routes may vary. There could be additional information along with the usual briefing. That’s why.

Learn to handle turbulence
To the inexperienced flyer, turbulence could cause panic. Keeping the seat belt fastened provides protection from injuries. Staying calm and sitting it out is the real mantra.

Some more important pointers

Go easy on the food
Watch what you eat and drink. It will be wise to take both in moderation and stick to what is suitable for your gut. Indigestion and nausea is not what one needs during a flight.

Stay alert
While it is completely okay to relax, it is also prudent to keep one’s senses awake and alert. If there is an emergency evacuation, follow the instructions of the flight crew and get yourself out of danger.

Dress wisely
Coming clothed in uncomfortable, unsuitable clothes isn’t going to win you any prizes. Instead it will cause maximum discomfort. Avoid wearing senseless footwear too, if you don’t want to end up having Deep Vein Thrombosis. Loose, comfortable, breathable clothing, combined with sensible footwear is the best option.

Respect the flight crew
The crew are specifically trained to enhance and assure your safety. Hence, if they say “No”, then it is a NO. Trying to override their rules will not help. They deserve to be treated with respect.

Stay calm
Under the unfortunate circumstance of a crisis, chaos can ensue. It does nothing but hamper the evacuation process. Every minute counts and the more one stays calm under duress, the better are the chances of survival.

Protect your ears
Common ear problems like popping, pain and ear blocks can be relieved by using ear plugs or cotton buds.

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