Are You Getting Ready For Your First Flight? Read This!

A flight journey is an exciting experience. But, when you are travelling for the first time in an aeroplane, then along with excitement, there can be certain anxieties as well. The anxieties will be severe if you are travelling with kids. But, you need not spoil your whole trip with unnecessary worries. Proper planning will help you to handle your anxieties. Here are some instructions which you can follow to make your trip a hassle-free one.

Start the packing well ahead of your trip so that you have enough time to include all the things you require. Go through the airline guidelines regarding the luggage restrictions and make sure your luggage does not exceed the allowed weight. With kids around, backpacks are convenient options.

Carry the essential items required during flight in a small handbag. You can keep an extra cloth for your child, snack items which yourmay ask at any time, water bottles, etc. in that bag. According to the age of your , keep toys or other gadgets also to keep him/her entertained. Pack in an organised manner so that you don’t have to search your entire bag every time you need something.

Reach the airport early
Do not wait until the last minute to travel to the airport. Reach there early so that you have enough time to complete the formalities before boarding. Last minute panicking will add to your worries and will make you feel horrible. It will be worse if your child starts to throw a tantrum. So reach the airport well ahead of the boarding time and complete the security procedures and boarding pass issue peacefully.

While boarding, you can make use of the early boarding facility allowed by some airlines for passengers travelling with kids. Use the extra time to stash your bags into the overhead compartments and to settle yourselves and your children.

Take-off and the journey
Make sure that you fasten your seatbelts the right way. Ensure the same for your child as well. If you do not expect yourto sit in his own seat, then better carry him on your lap firmly. Expect some disturbances in ears due to the pressure variations during take-off. Chewing gum will help you to overcome it. The same thing works for older children. For smaller babies, a feeding bottle or pacifier will help.

Once you are aware of the above points and follow them rightly, then you can surely have an enjoyable trip. Prepare ahead so that you don’t have to rush at the last minute. Take some out of the last few days prior to the flight to spend some time relaxing time in a spa. Such a self-care time will help you to leave aside all your travel anxieties. It will energise yourselves to get ready for the trip with full vigour. Many of our readers have suggested Riverday Spa, Willow Stream, The Waters, etc. as some of the best places to unwind before a trip.

According to a forecast by, this holiday season will see an increase in the number of people travelling via aeroplanes. So, make sure you book ahead and enjoy your first trip via flight!

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