Here’s How To Make Flight Travel Easy While Pregnant!

If you are one of those who thinks of pregnancy as a setback to that wonderful vacation that you had planned, then this blog entry might probably be the only way to get rid of that misconception! The usual tendency during pregnancy is to restrict the ladies to their homes, thinking that it is the best way to care for them. But, it does have a reciprocal effect as this confinement could lead to mood swings and emotional instability issues.

One way to combat this, is to plan an excellent vacation to some peaceful destination. If planned properly, the entire trip will go off without any sort of hiccup! It is best to avail the services of travel agencies, like, Zicasso, Liberty Travel, etc. who are experienced in providing excellent and safe travel packages in this regard. Well-known travelogues like, have reported a steady increase in the number of pregnant women going on long and relaxing trips, as it is good for both the body and the mind. And, pregnant ladies need all the health benefits that they can get!

Before planning a trip, here is some help to take care of yourselves during a flight journey.

Best time to fly
The best time to fly is during the second trimester (Between 14 and 28 weeks). This is because issues such as nausea, vomiting, etc. are more common in the first trimester and if you are facing any of these, then you may not be able to enjoy your trip. The last trimester has risks oflabour, and you may not be in an entirely comfortable stage sometimes.

Select flight rightly
Long distance flights can be split up into two shorter flights so that you can use the interval between the flights to stretch out yourselves, have some nice food, etc. It is better to book a refundable or reschedulable flight because it in unpredictable how healthy you and yourwill be during different phases of pregnancy. So it is good to be prepared for a worst case scenario also.

Before take-off
If your pregnancy bump is not much visible, tell your airline crew that you are pregnant. They will be able to give special attention to you by letting you board earlier or by giving you a comfortable seat. Ensure that you get a seat with enough leg space. Keep your legs a little elevated by placing them on luggage in front of you. Fasten your seatbelt over your lower lap.

An aisle seat will be best for you if you need to make frequent trips to the bathroom. Keep all the essential items such as medicines and documents in an easily accessible place. Carrying a small and soft pillow will be useful as they can provide you extra comfort while sitting.

While on board
Get up and move around frequently to enhance blood circulation avoid the risk of blood clots. Keep a check on the turbulence and seat belt signs before getting up for a walk. Try doing simple exercises recommended by some airline magazines. Wearing compression socks are found useful in preventing bloating of legs due to blood pooling. But, it is not recommended for diabetic patients. Eat healthy snacks at frequent intervals and drink plenty of water.

Have a thorough check-up by your doctor before starting the journey. Go on a vacation only if he/she gives consent.

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