Being Safe while you travel with allergies

Image of a flight passenger having an eye alergy in her flight travel.

Hazards of living with allergies

Life is never normal when you have allergies. One could be allergic for anything that is a part and parcel of normal life. Some are allergic to egg, peanuts and a few could be allergic to germs. Allergic reactions also differ from person to person and the medications are based on the reactions. It is even more a strenuous issue when it comes to travelling with allergies. In a small space that is 30000 ft above sea level, with other passengers, allergy could be really dangerous.

Not everybody is equipped with the know-how of tackling allergic reactions. Flight attendants may not fully understand your condition. Nevertheless, it is safe to follow some precautions. Like they say, precaution is better than cure.

Tackling Allergies during a flight

There are a few things you can take care when you travel, especially during the long distance flights. Listed below are a few them.

  • Always pack food from home. It is safe as you can avoid all allergens.
  • Find out the menu that is served on board and pre order food based on what you can have to avoid allergies.
  • Review the ingredient list before you make an order. There are recipes that have egg but you may not be able to tell by just its name or the picture.
  • Airborne allergies could be tricky to tackle. Find out from the airlines if your allergens are served at all on board before booking tickets. In case, you may need to request for a seat buffer to avoid the smell.
  • Take early morning flights to avoid residual allergens.
  • Carry a disinfectant or a hand sanitizer with you.
  • Avoid touching the armrest or the magazines in the seat pocket.
  • Keep the medications within your reach. Not in the overhead bin or under the seat.
  • Have a card with providing information regarding your allergy. Also, have a translated version, just in case you are travelling to a Non-English speaking country.
  • Find out if your airline has option to pre board people with allergies.

Finally, let the flight attendant or the gate staff know of your condition so that necessary arrangements can be made.
On a worst case scenario, have an action plan just in case of an allergic reaction. Be prepared for anything and enjoy a safe journey.

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