Changing Trends In Aviation Industry

A Perspn pointing towards a digital screen.

At present global aviation industry tends to swing high and low like a see-saw. Survival of the fittest theory can be applied to every industry that wishes to breathe in the fresh air of new growth. Here are the five trends believed to uplift its growth in the coming days. Start creating a social pace that lifts its brand Steering between offline and online customers Building an analytical altimeter Changing the course of revenue generation Focusing on standardisation and regularisation Virtual Presence For Optimal Success Exploring new parts of the…

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Being Safe while you travel with allergies

Image of a flight passenger having an eye alergy in her flight travel.

Hazards of living with allergies Life is never normal when you have allergies. One could be allergic for anything that is a part and parcel of normal life. Some are allergic to egg, peanuts and a few could be allergic to germs. Allergic reactions also differ from person to person and the medications are based on the reactions. It is even more a strenuous issue when it comes to travelling with allergies. In a small space that is 30000 ft above sea level, with other passengers, allergy could be really…

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Foodie guide for your flight travel

Image Showing a tray with delicious and healthy food eaten by a flight passenger.

A common question you may have while you pack for your flight is if you can carry food on board a plane? It is something we have all asked and quite often gotten into trouble while we checked in. The answer to this question is in the affirmative but with a few restrictions as per the security rules. Rules laid down by most of the airports and airlines around the world are pretty simple and easy to follow. The 3-1-1 Liquid Rule Any food that does not fall under this…

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The experience of flying

An Image of private jet flying above the clouds.

Why is flying the chosen mode for many? Even as we debate about air travel safety, a million passengers worldwide are either flying to or landing at their destinations. Airports are being revamped and renovated. The recently inaugurated Daxing International Airport in Beijing is gargantuan in proportions. Designed to handle a humongous inflow of both air traffic and passengers, the Daxing stands testimony to the fact that people prefer air travel. Yes, the risks are many. But the preventive and safety measures are of impeccable standards. In fact, air travel…

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Being A Smart Traveller

An Image showing a collection of travelling stuffs includes passport, compass.

10 Tips To Enhance Your Safety The emergency kit An emergency or run kit can be a small bag, purse or pouch that can be strapped to the shoulder or waist. The kit must contain the following: An identity card, credit or cash cards, emergency phone numbers, addresses, medication, a mobile phone and energy bars. When a critical situation demands quick evacuation, one can leave all other belongings and take this kit with them. Your baggage is your own Entrusting your bags with a total stranger will be a huge…

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Some Pointers On Safe Air Travel

An Image of an aircraft flying towards the clouds on a sunset..

The Do’s Here’s a comprehensive compilation of the important DO’S one must adhere to in order to make air travel a pleasant experience; First rule of the thumb is to follow ALL rules that your travel guide puts forward. Carelessness, ignorance or simple stupidity cannot be rectified if a mid-air crisis because of you. Your identity and documents that support it are absolutely crucial inside the airport and airplane. All papers must be readily available and in proper relevance and order. Extra care must be given to children. It is…

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