Tips For Students To Overcome Jet Lag

How to Get Over From Jetlag Recommended By one of the NEET online coaching Student

The world has become a small place, and no one has benefited more from it than the student body. A person is no more limited to enrolling in academic institutes in their state or country. The entire world is at their fingertips. While studying abroad definitely has its positives, there is one negative that can really pack a punch – jetlag. For international students, hopping time zones is more like a life skill. Conquering the circadian rhythm is just another chore they have to do.

Yet, no matter how many times a student travels, they will ultimately give into the wave of drowsiness or the alternate alertness that follows jetlag. In this article, we offer certain tricks that can help overcome jet lag. A student from NEET online coaching centre benefitted from these tips and highly recommends them. For tips on better air travel, we advise you to read this:

Easy Ways to Overcome JetlagProven tips on how to overcome jet lag quicker

  • No matter how much we travel, our bodies are yet to catch up with our itinerant lifestyles. The one way to overcome jet lag is exposure to sunlight. The part of the brain that controls our circadian rhythm, the pineal gland, is affected by light and darkness. The more a student exposes the body to sunlight, the less jetlag they will have. It is why few people tend to experience this lethargy when they travel to a beach destination.
  • Everybody has a second clock that adjusts itself when there is lack of food. Called the starvation mode, the body tries to remain awake at times when there are more chances of finding sustenance. Therefore, the trick is to eat less a day before you are traveling. You will not feel as jetlagged as before because the body would have moved to starvation mode and changed your sleep schedule.
  • If the body is tricked into believing that it is still in the everyday, average environment, there will be less jetlag. The tip is to move around on your plane ride as much as possible when the seatbelt sign is turned off. Being cramped in a tiny economy seat can really cause more jet lag. While you are walking off the jetlag, keep yourself hydrated too.
  • Another simple trick to getting rid of jet lag is to train your body. If you are going to travel from west to east, try to wake up and sleep as early as possible. Start preparing your body for a different time zone a few days before your date of travel. It will help adjust circadian rhythm faster. Do the opposite, if you have to travel east to west i.e. sleep later and wake up later.
    As of yet, there is no foolproof method that has been discovered to remove jet lag completely. Our bodies may eventually adapt to our jet-setting lifestyle but that day is not today. Till that time comes, students can follow these simple tips to overcome jet lag and the resulting havoc it created on daily life for the first few days after traveling.

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