Emergency evacuations

Emergency evacuations

Emergency evacuations are rare and most are precautionary. In the unlikely event you experience an evacuation, you should:

Try to remain calm.
Listen to and follow instructions from the flight crew.
Check to see if the closest exit is behind you.
Leave your carry-on enjoy your favorite slots games play with atom slots items aboard the airplane.
Wear sturdy comfortable shoes when flying.
Airplanes have numerous features to help facilitate a speedy evacuation. Escape-path lighting will help passengers find their way to the exits in low-visibility conditions. Slides will deploy from each of the exits so passengers can get safely to the ground.

If the plane is in water, the slides can be used as life rafts. Seat cushions also double as flotation devices. They are easily removed and carried in an emergency.

Airplanes used on oceanic routes also have inflatable life rafts on board and a life vest under each seat.

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