How To Overcome The Fear Of Flying

Many people have aviophobia, which is nothing but the fear of flying. They wish to travel the world, but their fear of going in airplanes impacts their lives. There are many ways through which you can overcome this fear. One of the principal things to do is to arm yourself with knowledge. Air safety importance cannot be undermined and if statistics are to be believed, the chances of a plane crashing and you dying is 1 in 11 million. With this fact handy, you should start learning the techniques of relaxation which will help you get rid of this fear of flying.

Most fears that people have about flying is illogical and irrational, and all are based on incidents that are never likely to happen. This article will guide you through those safety issues and help you fly in an airplane fearlessly.

Are planes safety

As per stats, more than 70% of the people who fear flying are scared of mechanical problems that can arise in a flight. To overcome this fear factor, it is essential that you understand how the aircraft works. An airplane is designed to fly people to various destinations safely and securely. Many checks, repairs, and maintenance are part of the safety protocol. Note that an airplane undergoes more than 10 hours of maintenance for every hour it flies. The engines of jets are reliable and durable, and even in case of one of the engines failing, it can still complete the flight.

Weather affecting plane:

People who fear flying are scared of severe weather, and they fear thunderstorms can overturn planes. Airplanes used advanced radars that can detect storms 150 miles away. Even if the weather goes terrible mid-air during flight, the pilot will land the aircraft in the nearest airport. There is no impact of rain, and it can also withstand lightning.

Turbulence worries:

People who fear flying get nervous when there is turbulence, but one needs to understand that it is not a cause for concern. When the air pressure varies in certain places during flight, you experience a bumpy ride, and these are not dangerous at all. The pilots ensure that they steer clear from the turbulence area as much as possible to give passengers a better ride. The design of the modern planes is such that it can handle turbulence of intense nature than what they come across regularly.

Understand your fears and do away with it

Fear of flying comes from unknown circumstances, distrust in the pilot or other aircraft personnel and in the aircraft itself. It is essential to know that all this is irrational and is based on fear within a person. Airplanes are considered as the safest mode of transport though not risk-free and learning more about the safety, and other details should calm your mind and reduce the anxiety. Though you may feel that a car is a safer option as you are in control, pilots undergo years of training before they are allowed to fly a plane. Moreover, pilots are monitored continuously through the radio when in flight.


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